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Observation drawing from the figure, both portrait and from the

nude, has long been a feature of my art practice, so I was happy

when I discovered that Brentwood Art Society features a life

drawing class as a regular part of their weekly programme. Now, 

because of Covid,  I have had to find other options to continue

working from the figure. Here are a few online art activities and

tutorials I have tried. 


I have attended two different life drawing classes on Zoom. To access

these you need to download the Zoom app to your PC or iPad. 



                                          The first session I attended was with Candid ArtsTrust, which is based                                                    in London. https://www.candidartslondon.com/shop/zoom-life-drawing-                                                  classes/2 The fee is £10 per session.  If you buy two or more sessions and                                                use the voucher code ZLD20, the fee is halved. Payment is by credit or                                                      debit card and the portal is secure and easily navigated. The models are                                                    excellent and there are three camera angles to choose from. The sessions                                                  are tutor led. 


                                          The second Zoom class I attended was  The Renaissance                                                                           Workshop run by Jonathan Long https://therenaissanceworkshop.com/                                                    Payment is by PayPal, so you will need a PayPal account. The fee is £6.99                                                  per session.. Occasionally  there are free sessions on offer. Some sessions                                                are from life, others involve copying drawings by Renaissance artists. 



I have also taken the opportunity, along with thousands of

others, to attempt the Sky Arts Portrait  of the Week

on Sundays from 10 am - 2 pm. This is free to watch and

enter via Sky TV on FaceBook. 


The Billericay Art Collective is an online group that also

offers life drawing and portrait sessions. You have to state

you are' interested' or 'going' on Facebook after finding

them. They offer a photo of a portrait or life model every

Tuesday from 7.30 pm that you download or take a screen

grab from. You then post your drawings on Facebook and

three artists from the collective make positive comments.

Others doing the task may also comment on your post.


When joining these group sessions you join a community

of lovely artists, who are now regularly meeting and communicating online. I have found them to be interesting and wholly supportive.

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