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Sarah with Pink Boa

by Susanne Taylor

Gelli Monotype Printing

Many of our members attend the variety of art workshops and demonstrations that are on offer by different organisations around the country. Recently Jane Clark attended a workshop on Gelli Printing at the Curwen Print Study Centre in Cambridge and she kindly came along to Anna Hughes' house in October to share with other members what she had learnt.

                                                                      Jane introduced us to the various                                                                          techniques that are possible with                                                                            this new medium, the main                                                                                    benefits of which are being able to                                                                        print with acrylic paints that are                                                                            quick-drying and the wonderful                                                                              results it is possible to achieve at                                                                            home on just the kitchen table.                                                                              Stencils, printed matter or other                                                                            objects such as feathers, leaves or textured  surfaces can be placed on the inked-up gelli plate to achieve single prints, or monotypes, as they are correctly called.

The possibility of running gelli plate printing sessions, and perhaps other print-making processes, over our fianl term is under discussion.


The gelatin 'plate' can be purchased on Amazon or at art

materials outlets, such as Seawhite. (Artesave is the public

outlet for Seawhite, who are education suppliers.) A roller,

acrylic paints and the usual supply of paper, together with a

willingness to experiment and have fun with ideas are all you



Here are some video link addresses to get you inspired!

Step by step   




Leaves and Feathers

A different technique 


Image transfer 

Drawing on the gelli plate   

Gelli Print Demo Oct 2019 A.jpg
Roses First Gelli Monorint Oct 2019.jpg

A first attempt by Julie Gowers

Gelli Print Demo Oct 2019 C.jpg

A transfer from printed media via a gelli plate.