Brentwood School, where we usually meet for our sessions, is not taking bookings for clubs and societies at the moment because of Covid-19, so it is very unlikely our meetings will be able to resume there in September. We are looking at other temporary suitable accommodation where we could be socially distanced but obviously, we would need to know how many people are happy to attend sessions during this peculiar time to make renting any venue viable. If anyone has any ideas, please get in touch.


Susanne Taylor has some links for online life drawing classes. Contact her for more information at:


It is also unlikely we will be able to hold our Annual Art Exhibition in Brentwood Library in November. We are planning to organise an online exhibition instead. This will probably be linked to our website. It will be possible for artwork to be purchased and there will be the usual extensive publicity about the exhibition. More about this later but do get creating your exhibition entries. This idea may indeed be something we can retain to run alongside our physical exhibition in the future.


In the meantime, we will continue with our regular outdoor Local Art Days, for as long as the weather holds. Around nine people turned up for the first one held in Anna Hughes' garden and the weather was perfect for a day's sketching and painting. There are two other days planned, weather permitting. Please look at the LOCAL ART DAYS page.

There are a few other ways we can continue sharing our artwork, comments and ideas. Our Facebook group can be reached by searching on Face Book for: Brentwood Art Society. It is a private group.

If you would like to follow BAS on Instagram, search for brentwood art society and opt to Follow. (This has just been set up).


If social media isn't your thing, visit our gallery of artwork at where comments can also be shared. 

There are currently 27 members. If you haven't done so recently, take a look. Let me know if you are not already a member of this private group and I can send you an invite. There is also an app for the site that you can download to your mobile 'phone. (Note the address ends in 'co' not 'com').

Local Art Days  planned for Heybridge Basin and Marguerite Hudson's garden had to be cancelled, the former because of poor weather, the latter owing to new government regulations on gatherings. However, the Heybridge Basin trip was rescheduled for Monday 14th September.

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